Most of us  love toffee, maybe it was helping mum add the ingredients as kids and watching the sugar bubble on the stove or maybe it's the fact it's basically pure sugar,sticky, crunchy and oh so sweet. Praline is the adult version of toffee, essentially the same thing but slightly lighter and spread out on a tray to give you lovely shards of crunchy toffee. You can get creative with praline; add some almonds, crushed hazelnuts, even beautiful edible flowers. Praline is fantastic as a cupcake topping, whether you crumble it or add shards sticking
out of the icing; it compliments a cupcake by adding crunch and texture.
Gorgeous on your wedding cupcakes, you could even wrap shards in cellophane and
tie with string or ribbon as a unique bonbonniere. Never to do things by the book, we thought we'd take things a little further! As you know we love popping candy as a cupcake topping, it's a little surprise for your tastebuds on their way through the cupcake journey and always makes it's way to our topping bar. But the question was can you combine the two?? And the answer is.....Yes!
The result is an amazingly light delicate shard of praline that tingles and giggles in your mouth. Crush it, smash it or eat it anyway you can.
Here is the recipe...

Popping Candy Praline

1/2 a cup of caster sugar
2 tbsp. cold water
Melt caster sugar and water over a low heat for 5 mins or until sugar has melted

Once the sugar has melted, turn up the heat and boil until golden. About 5-7 mins
Use a brush and a cup of water to brush the sides of the pan. This will stop the sugar bubbling up then burning and dropping back into the toffee.
Don't take it too far, this is trickiest part of making a great praline and is
also about your own personal tastes

Its a fine line between sugar crystals, light golden praline, rich just bitter praline and burnt. Just watch it carefully and don't panic! You can also use the droplet into a cold glass of water trick, although it turns so fast you'll probably miss it! Just remember this picture is just past it so when it's slightly lighter than this your on a winner!

As soon as you take the toffee of the heat, wait for the bubbles to subside and
add in your nuts or flowers or whatevr you like but do NOT add your popping
candy at this stage.

Popping candy explodes when it hits liquid so unless you want flying pellets of hot toffee coming at you then wait (trust me!). Pour your toffee onto a tray covered with grease proof paper and wait! it should be only about 20 seconds as you don't want the toffee to harden or the popping candy won't stick. Test with a single peice or two if popping candy and if it explodes it's not ready! Once you can add a few without much of a pop then cover it with poping candy, but stand back as a few might still pop at you! You'll end up with some that does not stick so cover as much as possible.
Let it cool for at least 10 mins then break into shards or crush with a hammer. It doesn't explode in your mouth as much as regular popping candy but you do get a lovely little tingle. Enjoy...

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