I love weddings, I'd honestly get remarried once a year if I could afford it and my husband would agree.  It's all about you looking glamorous, all your friends coming together, lots of delicious food and wine and a gorgeous setting. What's not to love? Here we look at some of the coolest trends for 2013/14 just because we love weddings so much.
A Cupcake Bar
Why? Because it's a unique desert option, so much fun for everyone and not only covers your desert but also your bonbonniere. Its the first of its kind in Australia so your absolutely sure to wow all your guests. If you haven't experienced it yet, check out our pics in the gallery.

Club Photography

Wedding photo's are usually a formal process that leave you with a gorgeous collection of stunning photo's of the bride and groom and the wedding party. But what about the reception, this where all the fun happens right? The trend for a while was disposable camera's on tables that where either left behind, empty or full of photo's of your hilarious friends, cousin's (or worst still uncle's) private parts. The new trend is to hire a club photographer to take awesome photo's at your reception, like the many of candid shots taken at bars and clubs. Guests look like celebrities and you'll have gorgeous pics to remind you of all the fun at the reception.


Okay so this hasn't hit our shores just yet but if your looking for something unique for your wedding video, the latest trend from the UK is from a company called Marryoke. Video's are shot to a song with the wedding couple, friends and guests lip syncing to the music. Very 2013 and a bit like your own music video. Lots of fun!
The Casual Wedding

It may not be new but it is having its time in the spotlight. These days casual is the best way to stay on trend and impress your guests. From picnics to BBQ's its cool to be casual. Think vintage glass bottles hung from a tree, a jazz band playing all afternoon while guests sit back on picnic blankets and sip champagne. Invite a food truck and you'll have just about the trendiest event in the Country!

The Virtual Wedding Guest
Taking the concept of social media that bit further, the emerging trend for weddings is to broadcast them live across the world. Live streaming of the event for guests who can't make it might just reduce the invite list too! 
The After Party

With a move away from the traditional wedding night, couples no longer feel the need to rush off to consummate the marriage or head off to their honeymoon. The new tradition is to through an amazing after party, either at a separate venue or just at a nightclub. It is after all one of the best nights of your life, so why end it early?

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