Last night we were lucky enough to attend The Warwick Foundation 5th birthday and the launch of our wonderful partners Cupcakes for Cancer. As a representation of the Cupcakes for Cancer concept we were invited to provide guests with 450 delicious cupcakes and a bar full of yummy treats.
What a fantastic event with auctions, DJ's and very funny set by comedian Tom Gleeson. We had an absolute ball with our unique concept and after a few explanations about how it all works were well under way dishing out red velvet, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. As always the Maltesers and fairy floss were the hits of the night, as were our 2 new bar attendants who had a ball!
Check out the pics below. And don't forget you can host your own donate and decorate party to raise funds for the Warwick Foundation through Cupcakes for Cancer. And if you don't have time to bake we can provide you with a discounted ready to go kit full of freshly baked cupcakes, icing and treats or a fully serviced bar with a percentage of proceeds going directly to Cupcakes for Cancer and The Warwick Foundation. What are you waiting for?
8/2/2013 00:52:16

Congratulations, what a great cause!


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